WiFi Services

Covering the entire wifi life-cycle, from the earliest planning & design through to ongoing support

Want to be sure of having the right number of APs, in the right places?

Infrasys can support you in the design, validation, and ongoing maintenance of business-critical Wi-Fi networks.


What is a WiFi Survey?

 A survey is a key stage in the design of a tailored network system built to satisfy the specific WiFi needs of your organisation. A WiFi site survey is a physical or virtual survey of the premises where a wireless network will be — or is — installed, helping to visualise or analyse wifi coverage areas and data rates. It examines factors such as signal strength, noise and channel interference to ensure optimal performance, and presents the information as heatmaps on floorplans.

Sizing Your Requirements

Identify and overcome potential issues before the installation rather than needing an equipment overhaul further down the line. This could include such as other nearby networks, and mitigating electro-magnetic interference caused by air-con units or battery stores.

Cost Savings

Save money by avoiding poor decisions that could have otherwise been made through a lack of valuable data: a wifi survey informs not only the choice of the most efficient wifi kit, but the wired network too, letting you accurately size switch port-count, throughput and power requirements.

Infrasys Solutions

Infrasys wifi-surveys cover the entire wifi life-cycle, from the earliest planning & design through to ongoing support, troubleshooting and optimisation of fully-operational production sites. Surveys can be virtual (without the need to visit site) or on-site full RF physical reporting.

Infrasys surveys are delivered using Ekahau’s industry-standard planning tools and spectrum analysis technology, ensuring the most accurate and reliable data.

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