Backup & Disaster Recovery

Infrasys provide exceptional, customisable backup and DR options for any environment: cloud applications, physical servers, virtual machines, PCs, branch & remote offices.


Protecting Your Data

The number one cause of data loss in a SaaS deployment, such as Microsoft Office 365, is accidental data deletion. In fact, about 70 percent of all lost data is due to either accidental or malicious deletion of data by end-users. Other ways that data can be lost include misconfiguration, client sync issues, and most recently the widespread presence of malware and ransomware, which can render data unusable.

Infrasys Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Although Microsoft Office 365 provides some basic recovery options with the recycle bin and email retention, Microsoft’s primary focus within Office 365 is ensuring that service and data availability are not disrupted. It is your responsibility to protect the data that you store in the Office 365 cloud. Infrasys’ Cloud-to-Cloud Backup option provides comprehensive, cost-effective, and scalable protection of your Office 365 data – without adding to your infrastructure costs.

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Mission-Critical Experience

Infrasys expertise in running on-premises backup & disaster recovery covers legacy tape systems through industry-standard software to the latest in hyper-converged global deduplication technologies; customers include such mission critical environments as automotive manufacturing and police & fire services.

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