The First & Only AI-Driven WLAN

Cloud-based wifi

Mist is the first wifi to combine cloud-only management with AI, allowing you to automate operations and get unprecedented visibility into the client wifi experience.
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Indoor Location Services

Seamlessly engage with mobile users using Mist’s patented Patented virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE) technology, which lets you deploy and move virtual beacons with the simple click of a mouse (or via APIs), eliminating the need for physical beacons. This delivers a more scalable and cost-effective solution for infusing location context into your deployment.

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Easily Locate Key Resources and Analyze Patterns

The same infrastructure for engaging with mobile users can be used for asset visibility, without proprietary RTLS solutions or expensive overlay systems. With Mist, it is easy to find key assets and/or people, and detailed location analytics are always are your fingertips.
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Want to be sure of having the right number of APs, in the right places?

Infrasys can support you in the design, validation, and ongoing maintenance of business-critical Wi-Fi networks.

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