Barracuda Total Email Protection

Get the World′s Most Comprehensive Email Protection—Made Radically Easy

Get the Power of Three Products in One Bundle

Barracuda Total Email Protection combines Barracuda’s complete email protection portfolio in a single bundle that is easy to buy, implement, and use.

Make email safe for business with award-winning email-filtering, spam blocking, encryption, archiving, and backup.

Protects users and data from targeted spear phishing attacks and account takeover with an A.I. engine that detects threats that traditional email gateways cannot.

Complete training and spear phishing simulation platform that empowers users to recognize email threats not only at work but also from devices that are not protected by corporate email gateways.

Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response

Automated incident response provides remediation options to quickly and efficiently address attacks.

Barracuda Simplicity

Barracuda Total Email Protection ensures your organization is secured against email-borne threats. Its multi-layered approach combines the most advanced protection available with the radical simplicity and ease of use that Barracuda’s known for.

Simplify due diligence and purchase evaluation—a single bundle purchase is all you need to secure your email.

Avoid the integration chores, uncertain support, and risk that come with building your own solution using point products from unproven startups.

Trust the email security pioneer. Barracuda has been on the forefront of email security since our founding fifteen years ago—and we’re still innovating today.

Barracuda Power

The Barracuda email security solutions bundled into Total Email Protection lead the industry in power, capabilities, and ease-of-use. Essentials Complete, Sentinel, and PhishLine provide multiple, integrated layers of security.

Get the industry’s best protection against socially engineered business email attacks, fraud, account takeover, and brand hijacking.
Use integrated intelligent training and simulation to turn your people into another line of defense against phishing—even on personal accounts.
The full portfolio of data protection capabilities provides resiliency, and easy recovery from ransomware and accidental data loss.

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