High Density Storage

Imation’s Nexsan E-Series is at the core of Nexsan’s product range, expanding on the high-density, low power philosophy of the 14-drive Boy and 42-drive Beast arrays that established Nexsan’s reputation. Today, the E-Series consists of 18, 32, 48 and 60 drive chassis, scalable with 2 additional chassis to 1.44 PB in a 12U configuration.

E-Series systems are able to mix and match 7.2K/10K/15K HDDs and SSDs, allowing you to have volumes comprised of high capacity 7.2K drives in the same array as volumes comprised of high performance SSD. E-Series systems also consume less than one-third the power of typical arrays thanks to Nexsan AutoMAID disk management capabilities which reduce energy consumption by up to 87 percent, reducing operating expenses and extending overall system life.

As well as including array-based snapshot and replication, Nexsan E-Series is one of the first platforms to support integration with Microsoft Storage Spaces, enabling Server 2012-driven administration of totally flexible high capacity, high performance storage.

  • Hybrid SAN storage
  • Ideal for mixed workloads & critical applications
  • 1Gb/10Gb iSCSi, 8Gb/16Gb FC, 6Gb SAS
  • Mix media within arrays
  • Array-based snapshot & replication
  • AutoMAID® power management – 4 levels of spin-down
  • Storage Spaces 2012 integration – manage natively from Windows 2012
  • VMware, Xen & Hyper-V support

"The Nexsan systems are doing everything we need and then some, and they're very simple to use. It's just great storage."

Scott Friedman, Chief Technologist, UCLA

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