Secure Archive Storage

Nexsan’s Assureon product is a hardened archive purpose built to maintain and protect high value data from malicious attack, ransomware and unauthorised access. Assureon guarantees both the data’s availability and knowledge as to who has accessed it. Whether your data’s value lies in its monetary worth or in its legal/evidential importance, Assureon has been proven in US and European jurisdictions to satisfy all corporate governance and government regulatory needs.

To see how much primary storage and backup resource you could free up by using Assureon, download the free Secure Data Discovery tool.

The benefits of archiving data include improved application performance, overall increased storage capacity for primary storage systems and reduced backup times. The cost saving of moving infrequently accessed data to less expensive storage – without sacrificing performance and scalability – is compelling for most organizations.

  • Guaranteed availability of high value data
  • Continuous replication – no need to backup
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Primary storage off-load
  • No changes to data
  • Audit-Trail with ‘Chain of Custody’ for Data Accesses
  • Two Copies of All Files
  • Data Verification
  • Scale to petabytes

"In most cases, administrators can't tell when a record is being pulled from Assureon as opposed to the primary storage system, and the system improved our staff efficiency by keeping all data near-line for quick retrieval. In addition, we particularly like Assureon's ability to provide a very efficient DR solution."

Donna Vogel - Regional West Medical Center

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