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Arctic Wolf for Security Operations

The Leader in Security Operations

Whatever your current security products and vendors, get better security effectiveness for your organization with the Arctic Wolf® Platform and Concierge Security® Team

Arctic Wolf is the market leader in security operations. The cloud-native Arctic Wolf platform aggregates the output of all of your security and alerting technologies, analysing unlimited amounts of data to ensure visibility of genuine threats. Arctic Wolf’s highly trained security experts work as a 24/7 extension of your team, delivering monitoring detection and response as well as ongoing risk management, proactively protecting systems and continually strengthening your security posture. Having identified potential genuine threats relevant to your environment, Arctic Wolf staff call you in person.

Why Arctic Wolf?

Managed detection and response

Dedicated security analysts monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats before they impact your business. The Arctic Wolf managed detection and response (MDR) service is anchored by a dedicated concierge security team who monitor your network 24/7, handle log aggregation and correlation, actively hunt for threats and provide custom alerts and reports when cyber attacks occur.

Managed risk

Continuous vulnerability scanning and endpoint analytics managed by security experts

The Arctic Wolf managed risk solution helps your organisation reduce its attack surface by identifying vulnerabilities within your network on a continuous basis.

Key features

  • Dedicated concierge security team to monitor your internal and external networks, devices and people, 24/7
  • Custom alerts, response management and in-depth reporting analytics
  • Predictable subscription payments with no upfront costs
  • Compliance reporting and management
  • Cloud monitoring (Microsoft 365, G-Suite, Box, Salesforce, AWS, Azure)
  • With Arctic Wolf, start improving your operational efficiency and stay ahead of any dangers
Evolution of Security

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