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Proven, Reliable, Scalable

British-based SpliceCom is an award winning designer, developer and manufacturer of secure voice systems, phones, business management applications and associated connectivity services; supporting embedded apps alongside legacy analogee devices, SpliceCom scales-to-fit Find out more…

On-premise, Cloud, Hybrid

SpliceCom technologies are built around a common voice operating system delivered on a platform to suit your IT strategy; as a VMware Enterprise Partner expert in virtualised storage, Infrasys can deliver a turnkey solution or deploy into an existing environment Find out more…

Analogue, Virtual

SpliceCom offers a range of enterprise-class phones, but if the strategy is to keep existing infrastrtuctre, we can work with that just fine; SpliceCom can SIPS-enable your existing PBX and can allow you to keep existing analogue phones too Find out more…


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