Make the best technology choices


A virtual desktop environment runs applications and OS’s centrally for display on client (i.e. desktop/laptop/tablet/’phone) devices, allowing – for example – an Apple or Android device to display a Windows desktop, and an IT administrator to make just one change centrally to affect thousands of devices across an organisation.

Virtualising desktops, and centralising management, can deliver big improvements in efficiency and security; Infrasys have the experience to audit and advise on VDi technology choices, design and implementation – contact us to find out how we can help.

  • Infrasys were of the UK’s first desktop virtualisation specialists
  • Scope – Design – Implementation – Support
  • Performance & capacity analysis to ensure optimum infrastructure choices
  • Proof-of-Concept to demonstrate application suitability
  • Partnerships with industry-leading storage virtualisation vendors
  • Ecosystem of VDi deployment and optimisation technologies
  • On-premise/off-premise/hybrid
  • Microsoft, VMware, Citrix
  • Flexible licensing


From a business point of view, this equates to a saving of time & money 

Head of IT, AgriCo