Guest wifi as a Service

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Guest Management

Flexible, hosted, Guest wifi


Advice regarding provision of internet access to guests or visitors varies widely, but organisations offering wifi ‘hotspot’ or ‘Guest’ access can be breaking the law if their networks are used to access or upload illicit material. Under such circumstances, it is important to be able to evidence who has been connected at a given time; Infrasys’s Guest wifi management is a hosted service that enables compliance with any requests for information regarding Guest network usage.

Infrasys’ secure authentication service takes your Guest SSID and presents a branded splash page, offering wifi access in return for whatever credentials your organisation deems necessary – perhaps name, email, phone; the splash page can also carry useful corporate information or promotional offers, and can offer login via Facebook and other social media.

  • Your own corporate splash page to increase customer interaction
  • Secure logging of Guest credentials such as email, phone no. and device
  • Date, time and websites visited
  • Monthly reporting of visitors’ credentials and their usage
  • Login via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Help satisfy obligations regarding hot-spot use & data protection
  • Low monthly cost, flexible to meet changing Guest numbers
  • Contact us for more information – tel 0800 840 1001


[tt_vector icon= icon=”fa-quote-left” size=”fa-1x” color=”teal”] Infrasys designed a secure mobile wireless solution combining rigorous security with the Force’s operational demands  [tt_vector icon= icon=”fa-quote-right” size=”fa-1x” color=”teal”]

Project Manager, UK police force