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Protecting Your Data


Organisations that have suffered from data loss, or an inadequate disaster recovery plan, don’t need reminding of the business risk such incidents incur.

Infrasys are expert in the support and testing of business continuity, backup and DR environments. Whatever your backup strategy, Infrasys can advise around appropriate technology choices and/or manage the backup & business continuity process.

  • In-house or outsourced, on-premise or cloud, on disk or tape
  • Regular testing, failover and failback
  • For all environments
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Ensure your data is always accessible at a moment’s notice.
  • Capacity-, site-, or application-based charging


[tt_vector icon= icon=”fa-quote-left” size=”fa-1x” color=”teal”] Infrasys’ backup service came into its own when we needed to recover from a power-outage  [tt_vector icon= icon=”fa-quote-right” size=”fa-1x” color=”teal”]

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