Capture application data in its native format, manage it on commodity storage, and use it when and where you need it

Actifio for Data Protection

Actifio is the world’s fastest, easiest and most efficient backup and recovery. Legacy backup software drives excess storage needs and expense; At the same time that organisations proliferate computing via virtual environments, the data they produce and collect is exploding in the wake of Big Data applications and analytics requirements.. more…

Actifio for BC & DR

DR has long been based on an archaic backup process of weekly and/or monthly full tape backups – with little certainty of zero data loss or acceptable recovery time. Most DR systems lack the ability to test frequently, or even at all, due to production impacts, long backup windows, or the manual nature of DR processes.. more…

Actifio for Test & Dev

Actifio helps to deliver better applications, faster. By dramatically improving test & dev data workflows, Actifio reduces time-to-market and brings forward revenue generation. more… Contact Infrasys to learn more about how Actifio can radically simplify your copy data management, or request a quote.
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